Glucose Device - Glucometer Scan | Abbott FreeStyle Libre Sensor HK
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FreeStyle Libre Starter Pack

Start scanning! Test the FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system.

The Starter Pack contains 1 FreeStyle Libre reader and 2 FreeStyle Libre sensors as well as a user guide that helps you get started. Each sensor lasts for up to 14 days – so the starter pack allows you to check your glucose anytime, anywhere for up to 4 weeks with an easy 1-second scan of the reader over the sensor.

You can continue using the reader afterwards by purchasing additional sensors or test strips. The FreeStyle Libre reader also works with FreeStyle Optium blood glucose test strips1 or FreeStyle Optium ketone test strips which are available in your local pharmacy. Welcome to the all-in-one FreeStyle Libre system.

Good for first-time users

New to the FreeStyle Libre Flash Glucose Monitoring System? Our starter pack has everything you need to start monitoring your glucose levels easily.

What’s in the box

The starter pack comes with a welcome guide, one FreeStyle Libre reader and two FreeStyle Libre sensors, each lasting for up to 14 days.

Disclaimer : 

1. FreeStyle Optium Blood Glucose and FreeStyle Optoum Blood Ketone monitoring test strips are available through your local pharmacy.

IMPORTANT: The FreeStyle Libre flash glucose monitoring system is indicated for measuring interstitial fluid glucose levels in people (aged 4 and older) with diabetes mellitus. The indication for children (aged 4 – 17) is limited to those who are supervised by a caregiver who is at least 18 years of age.