A new way to view your FreeStyle Libre sensor glucose data
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A new way to view your FreeStyle Libre sensor glucose data!

LibreView is a free and secure cloud based diabetes management system offering a convenient, clear and easy way to view your glucose data or remotely share it with your healthcare professional.

Using LibreView in partnership with your healthcare professional will give you greater insights into how to more effectively manage your diabetes.

Using the intuitive reports will help you discover patterns and trends so you can make more informed decisions about your health.

How to use LibreView

Easy Upload
Upload your glucose data easily from your FreeStyle Libre reader. Connect the reader to an internet-connected PC and follow the upload instructions.

Actionable Insights
The standardised, intuitive reports reveal patterns and trends in your glucose data to help you make more informed diabetes management decisions.

Connecting You
Share your glucose information with your healthcare professionals or caregiver by simply providing authorisation to access your LibreView data.

Your glucose information is stored securely in the cloud. Only you and your authorised care team can view your reports.